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August 27, 2011

You may have seen the scary headlines. You may have read those alarming emails. But do you believe it? Just in case, NASA has issued the facts about a comet called Elenin. And no, these aren’t the “facts” doomsayers will tell you.

In short, the 3-5 kilometer-wide comet can’t hurt us. Really, it can’t. It’s too small and its closest approach to Earth will bring it 90 times the Earth-moon distance. 90 times the Earth-moon distance. That’s a whopping 35 million kilometers (22 million miles) away. Could there be any conceivable impact to our everyday lives by this dirty snowball?
seriously doubt this will calm the overactive imaginations of some conspiracy theorists, but NASA has felt the need to respond to the crazy theories being flung around and to address some of the more rational questions. (NASA did a similar thing in 2009 when responding to the 2012 doomsday nonsense, issuing a statement that there was no known astronomical reason for the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012.)

Helpfully, two NASA scientists have been hard at work over the past few months responding to questions from the public. Yesterday, NASA compiled some of the most popular questions, creating an “everything you ever needed to know about Comet Elenin” Q&A.

The Elenin answers were provided by Don Yeomans of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., and David Morrison of the NASA Astrobiology Institute at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. Morrison is no stranger to responding to these kinds of questions, having become NASA’s in-house 2012 doomsday debunker.

OPINION: Nibiru – Armageddon Planet or Astronomical Baloney? (by David Morrison)

It seems that doomsday theorists and astrologers alike believe that any celestial object, no matter how small or distant, can have some magical influence on Earth. Fortunately, this isn’t true.

“So you’ve got a modest-sized icy dirtball that is getting no closer than 35 million kilometers,” said Yeomans. “It will have an immeasurably minuscule influence on our planet. By comparison, my subcompact automobile exerts a greater influence on the ocean’s tides than comet Elenin ever will.”

Interestingly, the “marauding brown dwarf doomsday theory” has cropped up again, and in one question it’s been tied in with the appearance of comet Elenin. If Elenin is actually a brown dwarf, surely that will have a huge gravitational influence on the solar system, right?

INTERVIEW: Where Are You Hiding Planet X, Dr. Brown?

“A comet is nothing like a brown dwarf. You are correct that the way astronomers measure the mass of one object is by its gravitational effect on another, but comets are far too small to have a measurable influence on anything,” Morrison replied.

But why isn’t NASA talking about Elenin more? “Comet Elenin hasn’t received much press precisely because it is small and faint,” said the NASA press release. “Several new comets are discovered each year, and you don’t normally hear about them either.”

“The truth is that Elenin has received much more attention than it deserves due to a variety of Internet postings that are untrue.”

So there you have it, every reason in the world why Comet Elenin is a benign threat to our planet.

READ MORE: The entire NASA Elenin Q&A

In related news, the Daily Mail has published an overly excited article about the European Space Agency’s upcoming mission to bring Armageddon to an asteroid. (And yes, they mention Bruce Willis more than once. Sigh.) However, it is hard to see where the “news” is.

The article discusses the proposed ESA mission “Don Quijote” — intended to deflect a small asteroid with a high-speed impactor (although, according to the article, ESA wants to “blow up” said asteroid. Needless to say, the Daily Mail embellished that bit.) But, according to the ESA mission site, which hasn’t been updated since 2009, Don Quijote appears to be in the preliminary phase.

Asteroid deflection will be a very important tool in the Earth’s cosmic protection armory, but until there’s any actual news about an asteroid deflection mission becoming a reality, Discovery News will wait… until there’s news.

And here the official source:

Modern Talking

August 19, 2011

Favoritii mei!

Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, narrowly besting Ron Paul

August 14, 2011

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll Saturday, besting eight other Republican candidates in a nonbinding but politically significant vote in the first caucus state of Iowa.

“This is the first step toward taking the White House in 2012,” Bachmann told the crowd. “And you have sent a message that Barack Obama will be a one-term president. This is a wonderful down payment on taking the country back — and it started in Iowa.”

The vote was billed as one that could make or break some campaigns. Six Republican presidential hopefuls on Saturday personally appealed for Iowans’ vote, not including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. She drew throngs at the Iowa State Fair on Friday but has yet to officially decide if she’s running.

Bachmann secured 4,823 votes, narrowly besting Texas Rep. Ron Paul who had 4,671 votes. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty was chosen on 2,293 ballots, placing him third.

Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton said the result proved that the congressman is “a top-tier candidate” that indicates “our message is spreading, our support is surging, and people are taking notice.”

Pawlenty, who has trailed in recent polls despite heavy investment in Iowa, issued a statement saying, “We made progress in moving from the back of the pack into a competitive position. … We are just beginning, and I’m looking forward to a great campaign.”

The next closest contenders, in order, are: former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum with 1,657 votes, businessman Herman Cain with 1,456 votes, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with 567 votes. That was slightly less than the 718 who wrote in the name of Texas Gov. Rick Perry — who declared his candidacy Saturday and wasn’t even on the ballot.

Part country fair and entirely political, the Ames Straw Poll has helped take the pulse of a campaign’s strength since 1979. It’s also the first opportunity for the tens of thousands of voters who weighed in Saturday on which GOP president candidate they support.

The results were announced around 5:30 p.m. CT, capping days of intense politicking and several hours of speeches from candidates and other prominent Republicans.

Bachmann had reason to celebrate, but had a little competition in the headlines department: Perry announced his presidential bid at a meeting of conservatives in South Carolina. The timing of his announcement prompted some grumbling among Iowa Republicans.

Nine announced candidates were on the Iowa ballot, although two of them — Romney and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman — skipped the contest. Huntsman is avoiding the Iowa caucuses completely, while Romney’s advisers are carefully watching the state and could pounce in the coming months if they see an opening.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was on the ballot, too, but his cash-strapped campaign did not have a formal presence at the straw poll and he only got 385 votes. Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter shelled out thousands of dollars to reserve campaign space outside the straw poll venue, but — while he played up the perils of “big government” and of ceding “the 21st century (to) Communist China” — he was not, as expected, a major factor, securing a mere 35 votes.

Iowa straw poll first test for candidates

Candidates attack Obama

What is the Iowa Straw Poll? Bachmann had been positioned at or near the top of most Hawkeye State polls thanks to the passions she has stirred among tea party activists and social conservatives who make up a large part of the caucus electorate. But there are questions about how strong her organization in the state is and whether she can compete with Pawlenty’s respectable ground game.

Like Huckabee in 2007, though, Bachmann has a natural appeal to evangelicals and home-school activists who tend to show up at political events like straw polls.

In her speech in Ames on Saturday, Bachmann exuded optimism — proudly and loudly insisting, “We are the team that can’t be beat.”

Besides playing up her roots in Iowa, where she was raised, the three-term U.S. representative cast herself as a fiscal conservative and “national security conservative.” Still, some of the most impassioned parts of her speech dealt with her stances on social issues.

“We are social conservatives, and we will never be ashamed of being social conservatives,” Bachmann said. “We understand that religious liberty is the essence of the foothold of this nation.”

Another candidate who came in with high expectations was Paul, given his strong performances in straw polls at various conservative gatherings over the years. Such successes are a testament to the devotion of his libertarian-leaning followers and their ability to outorganize and outhustle the competition.

But these days, political observers and members of the media take his straw poll wins for granted. And these victories have yet to translate to larger ones for the now three-time presidential candidate — who hasn’t broken through yet in Republican elections nationally.

Speaking Saturday, Paul called for fewer government regulations and more “freedom for America.”

“Liberty and life does not come from the government,” he said. “It comes from our creator.”

As much as the vote — a fund-raiser for the Iowa Republican Party — could catapault some candidates, it may also eliminate those who have staked their candidacies on Iowa but struggled to generate grassroots enthusiasm.

They included Santorum, who acknowledged his underdog status but promised a comeback.

“This is the little-engine-that-could campaign,” the staunch social conservative said. “They told us we had no chance.”

Cain, a businessman and former radio host running on his outsider image, is fading after a strong early start to the campaign. He had tried to manage expectations for the straw poll, but recently told a Des Moines audience that he needs to finish in the top three. Anything less, he said, would compel him to “evaluate” his campaign.

In a raucous address Saturday, Cain ran through his positions on a host of economic, foreign policy and other matters while saying Americans “are ready to embrace a problem-solver and not another politician.”

Referring to an epiphany he had 12 years ago after his first grandchild was born, “I had to use my talents, skills and abilities to do something about this nation and get it off the wrong track,” Cain said. “This giant has awakened and is not going back to sleep.”

Pawlenty’s performance in the poll was seen as especially critical. Observers had said he must finish in first or second place and send a message to his supporters (and the media) that his campaign can soldier on through the fall and winter.

The former Minnesota governor has a platoon of smart political operatives in his corner and is thought to have the best ground game in the state. But despite planting an early flag in Iowa and improving his performance on the stump in recent weeks, the Midwesterner remains stuck in single-digits in state polls.

On Saturday, he echoed many others in blasting President Barack Obama, claiming he “has no clue” and saying “he is like a manure spreader in a wind storm.”

Pawlenty also vowed that his ability to get re-elected in Minnesota shows he has the track record to succeed in governing and also win over swing voters.

“I don’t just talk about it. We got the job done, for Minnesota and America,” he said.

The results of the Iowa straw poll will be carefully scrutinized by political analysts, helping propel some candidates in their fundraising and campaign efforts elsewhere even as it deflates others.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, a veteran observer of Republican politics in the state, said it is critical that a candidate do well if they are to have any chance, down the line.

“If you’re not in the top three here, your chances of getting elected are not very good,” he said.

But history shows a straw poll win hardly guarantees future success in the state or nationwide. In 2007, ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the vote, but his closest rival in the state, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, ultimately won the Iowa caucuses and dealt a fatal blow to Romney’s candidacy. The Republican nominee that year, meanwhile, was Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Only one Republican has won the straw poll and gone on to occupy the Oval Office: George W. Bush.

“Marx was right; capitalism can destroy itself: “Roubini

August 13, 2011


“Nouriel Roubini cited an even more controversial economist than himself this week when explaining the state of the world’s turbulent economy.

“Karl Marx got it right, at some point capitalism can destroy itself,” said Mr. Roubini, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “We thought markets worked. They’re not working.”

Mr. Roubini also said there is more than a 50% chance the world will plunge into another global recession and the next two to three months will reveal the economy’s direction.

“We are at stall speed right now, and we do not know if we are going to go up, or down,” he said.

Known as Dr. Doom for his prediction of the 2008 financial crisis among other dire forecasts, the economist said more monetary policy is needed from central banks to avoid another meltdown.

“There could be QE3, QE4, QE5 in the long-haul,” in the United States, he said.

But monetary policy alone will not be enough, and business and governments are not helping.

Developed economies such as the United States and countries in the eurozone are implementing austerity programs to try to fix their debt-ridden economies, when they should be introducing more monetary stimulus, he said.

And by slashing labour costs and sitting on capital, U.S. businesses have created a “catch-22.”

“Because you cannot keep shifting income from labour to capital without not having excess capacity and lack of aggregate demand. And that’s what’s happening,” the economist said.

In the wide-ranging interview, Mr. Roubini said it is possible that Italy or Spain could choose to leave the eurozone within five years. He also didn’t disagree with the premise of Standard & Poor’s controversial downgrade that the United States was on a unsustainable fiscal path, made worse by Washington’s gridlock.

Roubini says he’s putting his money in cash, with U.S. Treasurys a smart bet. “Now is not the time for risky assets,” he said.”

Ce Mai Pregateste Basescu?

August 6, 2011

Comentariu preluat de la prietenul meu Marcus. (

“Ce sa le mai dau eu oare romanilor de sa ma tina minte??? Ha, ha, ha le voi da o lovitura de stat de sa-i invat minte!!!!”

“Daca Basescu isi permite astazi sa umble dezlegat, fara supraveghere medicala de specialitate si camasa de forta pe la televiziunea sau postul public de radio, unde sa debiteze nestingherit tot ce-i trece prin tartacuta aia puternic atinsa de nebunie, noi, ca popor martor la o asemenea circoteca, trebuie sa-i multumim lui Voiculescu.
Tot acest marasm a inceput imediat dupa alegerile din 2004, cand datorita tradarii lui Voiculescu ajuns in Parlament pe spinarea PSD-ului, chiombu a putut sa schimbe rezultatul alegerilor in favoarea Aliantei DA si sa instaleze guvernul Tariceanu. Ei bine din acel moment, chiombila, pas cu pas, si-a vazut linistit de ale lui, calcand totul in picioare, incepand cu Constitutia si partidele politice si terminand cu “poporul suveran” pe care il umileste cu fiecare cuvintel rostit concomitent cu ingroparea sa de viu.
Dupa mai bine de sase ani de chiombilisme, imbecilul de-si zice sef de stat a ajuns pur si simplu sa elucubreze pe marginea textului constitutional si cuprins de disperarea pierderii mai mult ca sigure a alegerilor parlamentare, respectiv apropierea zilei sfinte a judecatii, pe fondul zgomotului de catuse, omu’ o pune de-a dreptul cu o amenintare de lovitura de stat, intrepretand din nou Constituuitia dupa ureche si in folos personal.
Daca n-ai sti ca e nebun ai crede ca e tampit cand scoate ceea ce scoate pe gura de pe pozitia de preşedinte. Este clar ca individul trebuie luat cu forta si internat, la cat de periculos a luat-o la vale si in materie de poliica externa, dar mai ales in ceea ce priveste desfiintarea a tot ceea ce tine de stat de drept in Romania, am avea nevoie de un rege si de un seif pentru a pune capat cat mai curand acestui flagel din ce in ce mai greu de suportat.
Culmea este ca dobitocu chiar nu glumeste si este in stare, dupa consumarea alegerilor de anul viitor, sa numeasca pe cine vrea muschiul lui ca prim ministru, indiferent de vointa electoratului exprimata prin scorul obtiinut de USL. Si nu stiu de ce, dar inclin sa cred ca-i va iesi si aceasta manevra. Ba stiu de ce. Pentru ca n-are nimeni curajul sa-l trimita in mod public sa se caute si sa se trateze de capatana rau atinsa de nebunie.”

“Epoca de aur, sondajele de argint si dictatorul de tinichea!” – blog Ponta

August 6, 2011

“Sigur ca in perioada de vacanta parlamentara toata lumea e in criza de subiecte! Noroc ca vine delegatia FMI, ne spune ca totul este conform planului, pe drumul cel bun, ca dupa 2 ani de chin am ajuns cu bine pe marginea prapastiei si ca e momentul sa facem un pas inainte! Si doar presa mogulilor mai contesta cu obtuzitate realizarile noii Epoci de Aur, slavita in cuvinte pline de miere si trandafiri de traian-ungurenii si mircea-mihaiesii de serviciu, cu vorbele lor catifelate si antrenate in precedenta Epoca a precedentului Carmaci!

Dar presa toata alearga si dupa “povesti pe surse”, sondaje obisnuite care produc “cutremure” pe scena politica, balbaieli si incoerente care ar fi interesante daca nu ar veni de la Guvernul Boc – o adevarata stire o sa fie atunci cand Boc face ceva serios si logic! Si evident mai e un personaj – neobositul saltimbac politic Traian Basescu, care se simte frustat cand exista o nunta, un botez, un parastas sau o cafteala si nu il baga lumea in seama; asa ca in cacofonia nationala sare si el in hora cu pasi de manea egipteana sau siriana – luna aceasta in rolul “Mubarak de Romania”, care nu cedeaza indiferent de ce voteaza poporul “inconstient” care vrea sa dea tara pe mana uselistilor!

Sunt insa cateva lucruri importante care trebuie subliniate sau lamurite pentru ca efortul urias al sistemului de propaganda portocaliu sa nu acopere chiar total ceea ce cu adevarat ne afecteaza viata de azi si mai ales pe cea de maine:

1) SITUATIA ECONOMICA SI EPOCA DE AUR – FMI isi duce mai departe imperturbabil sarcina de doctor care dupa ce ti-a taiat mainile si picioarele te anunta cu optimism ca ce era mai greu a trecut! Nu poti sa mergi, nu poti sa te hranesti, nu ai nicio sansa daca te decuplezi de la aparate, dar zau ca te simti mai bine. Solutia e foarte simpla – stai in continuare in spitalul lor, te imprumuti sa le platesti factura si daca Doamne fereste mori – ghinion, tratamentul a fost bun dar pacientul nu a avut zile!

– ca sa traduc – nu mai scadem economic ca suntem deja la fund, dar in ritmul actual de 0.00001 (numit si “crestere Boc”) vom ajunge in 20 ani la nivelul din 2004! In conditiile in care doar dobanzile la imprumuturile luate de Guvern reprezinta de 3 ori eventuala crestere! Adica ne imprumtam 3 lei si producem profit de 1 leu; numai FMI si Boc pot fi multumiti de asta (sigur din motive diferite!). Important e ca pe hartie lucrurile arata bine, cum aratau si hartiile Greciei in 2008 – pt ca nimeni nu vrea sa vorbeasca de lucrurile dureroase , si anume:

◦20 miliarde de lei arierate la firmele private (adica Boc se inchide cu indicatorii deficitului bugetar pe spinarea privatilor!)
◦inflatie de peste 5% in conditiile in care scad veniturile si consumul (niciun economist nu poate explica acest fenomen tipic doar Romaniei)
◦zero locuri de munca in economia reala si prabusirea pietei muncii in Spania si Italia, piete care ne-au ajutat atat de mult anii trecuti
◦trecem angajatii de la stat in somaj, adica de la fondul de salarii la fondul de somaj, furam dintr-un buzunar si punem in celalt si asta se cheama ” reforma Statului”
◦3% fonduri structurale absorbite (nu 11% cat a mintit Guvernul nostru), bani opriti sau chiar dati inapoi pentru ca la ANRMAP este o alta protejata a Elenei Udrea – Dna. CristinaTraila, la fel de neclintit si cu genti la fel de scumpe si incapatoare
◦toti mantogii PDL-isti in continuare la robinetele cu bani ale companiilor de stat, finantand galeti, jachete, pungi si ceasuri pentru 2012, si frecandu-si mainile de bucurie ca dupa 2012 vor lasa niste manageri privati sa concedieze oamenii, sa puna lacatul pe poarta si sa taie fierul vechi
◦toata creditarea de la banci se indreapta spre titluri de stat, sufocand ce a mai ramas din economia privata si marind nota de plata pentru guvernele urmatoare
◦un TVA sustinut prosteste la 24% la produse agroalimentare ca nu cumva sa folosim la ceva bun conditiile de vreme pe care Dumnezeu le-a dat cu marinimie anul acesta agricultorilor romani – totul ca sa salvam interesele corupte ale intermediarilor si importatorilor de alimente care cotizeaza pentru campania PDL din 2012
◦cifre falsificate privind somajul si anunturi belicoase de lupta contra pensionarilor lansate de catre tutarul trimis de Basescu la Ministerul Muncii
◦crima organizata, coruptia si evaziunea fiscala de partid neatinse – ca nu degeaba il lauda Basescu la televizor pe Blejnar chiar mai mult decat pe Udrea
◦2 miliarde de Euro datorii catre magistrati si profesori (conform legii promulgate de Basescu) si 4 miliarde de Euro catre constructorii care participa la faimosul PNDI – numit si “Programul 10% inapoi la Udrea” sau “Programul de finantare a campaniei electorale a PDL”
◦dublarea datoriei publice in ultimii 3 ani, cu accent pus pe datoria pe termen scurt – adica cine o sa aiba ghinion sa fie la guvernare in 2013-2014 va trebui sa se imprumte si mai mult ca sa plateasca banii luati de la FMI si cheltuiti ca sa castige Basescu inca un mandat, cu Boc cu tot!
Enumerarea poate continua, dar ce sens mai are – Basescu ne spune ca e din ce in ce mai bine! Pentru el, Udrea, Anastase si Flutur probabil ca asa este – pentru noi dezastru, dar nu cred ca ii pasa. Important e ca stim ce va urma – noi si noi imprumuturi, ca sa fie FMI sigur ca nu mai iesim din statutul de colonie, pomeni electorale si bani din ce in ce mai multi pentru propagandistii din ce in ce mai putini si mai speriati (sa-i numim generic tismaneni si cartaresti).

Asa ca da, vom mosteni un dezastru planificat cu care va trebui sa ne descurcam si o vom face – dar de data asta cu o schimbare esentiala – cei care au produs dezastrul trebuie sa plateasca, nu doar sa ajunga in justitie dar mai ales sa le luam banii pe care i-au furat si care acum le dau un sentiment de siguranta si aroganta!

2) SONDAJELE DE ARGINT – am terminat toate sondajele locale si stiu sigur cum stam; nu am vorbit despre ele pentru ca rolul lor nu era propagandistic – e clar acum ca suntem peste PDL si satelitii sai in absolut toate judetele si localitatile (cu exceptia celor cu populatie maghiara). Avem insa si destule probleme, mai ales in cateva orase mari, sa identificam si un candidat capabil sa mobilizeze acest trend politic.

– sondajele nationale le cunosc la fel de bine, nu ma pacalesc singur si nici nu cred ca sa minti grosolan te ajuta cu ceva (nu i-as da niciodata un leu lui Dan Andronic ca sa falsifice un sondaj si sa ma dea cu un scor de 8 ori mai mare decat cel real – bani irositi inutil); in absolut toate USL este consolidat ca vot politic la peste 50%, iar PDL nu poate trece nici cu furtul lui Baconschi peste 20%; evident ca acum trebuie sa ne concentram la organizare, mesaj politic, colaborare intre structuri locale si centrale si mai ales sa evitam greseli capitale de tipul “Spa-ul lui Vantu”; e foarte dificil, dar nu cred ca avem dreptul sa ne plangem cand pleci la lupta cu un avans de peste 35% pe care trebuie sa-l gestionezi!

– vreau de asemenea sa fie clar ca, orice rezultate dau sondajele, PSD nu va cere renegocierea acordului USL, pentru ca nu am pornit la drum ca Basescu cu gandul sa ne omoram aliatul cu prima ocazie! Tot ce am scris in documentul oficial (inclusiv principiul paritatii intre noi si ACD) ramane valabil cel putin pana in 2016; situatiile specifice aparute in anumite judete sau orase (foarte putine raporat la numarul total) le negociem cu buna credinta si in ideea de a lua cat mai mult de la PDL, nu unul de la altul; asa ca si aceasta speranta a pedelistilor e doar utopie!

– am vazut si sondajul IMAS si m-am amuzat cum dupa luni de zile in care eram facut in toate felurile deodata am devenit cel care il “surclaseaza pe Antonescu”! De mult timp Alin Teodorescu (vechi “camarad” prin campaniile PSD) foloseste cifrele, fara sa le falsifice concret, in sensul in care convine celui care plateste sondajul; masoara PSD si PNL ca sa dea impresia ca USL nu exista, sau oricum se destrama, si ca PDL nu e chiar atat de in urma; spunea ca eu sunt sub partid ca si Geoana (comparand increderea masurata din 100% chestionati cu scorul PSD din cei care voteaza, adica jumatate, ceea ce era evident manipulator; in ultimul sondaj din tot esantionul, conform cifrelor lui, eu eram 26 si PSD 21, ceea ce este firesc si ma bucura); acum vrea sa arate ca scade grav Antonescu (“surclasat” cu mai putin de un procent) pentru ca – ati ghicit – nu se intelege cu Dinu Patriciu; si sa nu se mai remarce cifrele catastrofale ale lui Base&Co; dar datele sunt destul de corecte si merita folosite

– hai sa stabilim ceva foarte clar – nu sunt in competitie cu Crin Antonescu, ci suntem impreuna in echipa, orice “punct’ marcat de el ma ajuta si pe mine si invers; daca USL isi pastreaza cei doi lideri pe primele doua pozitii la increderea in politicieni imi este absolut indiferent daca sunt pe primul sau pe al doilea loc. Faptul ca am devenit intr-un an si jumatate, in perceptia publica, un lider care isi ajuta partidul si nu il incurca sigur ca ma satisface – si personal, si ca liniste pentru cei care ma sustin, si ca o confirmare ca masurile luate pana acum sunt corecte. PSD este un corp politic extrem de complex si de sensibil, stiu foarte bine cum functioneaza din anii in care conduceam doar TSD-ul; faptul ca m-a acceptat deja ca lider imi da o mare incredere pentru viitor. Dar Crin este si mai mult peste PNL, ceea ce il face o locomotiva de neinlocuit in acest moment. Insa cifrele IMAS arata si o realitate pe care am mai spus-o: cat timp primii 5-6 politicieni in orice top sunt membri USL si cat timp increderea adunata in Basescu + Boc + Udrea + Anastase nu depaseste cifra mea sau a lui Crin e evident ca PDL e condamnat, indiferent de furturi, manipulari si strategii machiavelice!

– asa ca sondaje o sa mai vedem multe pana la alegeri, adevarate sau false, utile sau nu, pana la urma sunt simple instrumente cu relevanta relativa si care pot fi contrazise in ziua votului! Dar trendurile sunt evidente pentru toti – USL este un vehicul politic si electoral deja consolidat si capabil de victorie; tandemul Ponta-Antonescu este o solutie agreata si sustinuta de opinia publica; oameni ca Adrian Nastase si Calin Popescu Tariceanu, ca si alte personalitati din USL reprezinta un sprijin solid pentru lideri (ca sa nu mai vorbesc de momentul probabil al parteneriatului cu Sorin Oprescu); Basescu si PDL sunt intr-o cadere de neoprit oricat de buni strategi ar avea, iar infrangerea lor nu mai este o chestiune de “daca” ci de “cat de grava” va fi. Alea jacta est!

3) REEVALUARI SI MANIPULARI – cred ca marile stratageme basiste sunt mult mai ineficiente si mai simple decat legenda lor! Cantecele de sirena ofilita catre oricine ar putea sa faca probleme USL, lui Crin sau mie sunt de o falsitate jenanta. Patriciu a devenit peste noapte din “mogul” un “adevarat liberal”, daca insa a explicat ca nici nu se impaca cu Basescu nici nu face alt partid o sa vedeti ca iar o sa-si aminteasca ANAF-ul de Rompetrol; Tariceanu dupa “groparul Romaniei” a devenit brusc marea speranta de salvare a liberalismului din ghearele socialistilor – dar pentru ca omul i-a tratat cu sictir “cu papion” si a spus foarte clar ca securistul Basescu e mai rau decat orice om de stanga iar a devenit distrugatorul tarii, basca “lipsit de caracter”; pana si Varujan Vosganian, “armeanul rau”, tinta predilecta in ultimii ani a propagandistilor portocalii s-a trezit un “liberal responsabil” doar pentru ca m-a intepat pe mine pe blog despre masurile sociale! Dar sa nu ne facem griji, desi liberalii sunt atat de rai si au facut tara praf, Basescu ii iarta suveran si vrea sa guverneze iar impreuna cu ei, dar le cere un mic semn de bunavointa – capul lui Crin Antonescu taiat si pus la Cotroceni in teapa aia ramasa neutilizata dupa 2004!

– de-a dreptul hilara este povestea cu refacerea Aliantei DA ca sa reunifice dreapta in Romania! Poate ca Basescu s-a ramolit, de la Sever Voinescu nu avem pretentii ca doar el numara 80 si ies 170, dar noi ceilalti n-am uitat. In 2004 Alianta s-a format intre PNL (condus de Stolojan – un presedinte admirator declarat al lui Ion Iliescu) si un PD care se imbrancea cu noi pe bancile Internationalei Socialiste, votand la Congresul din 2003 de la Sao Paolo impotriva primirii PSD deoarece “nu sunt cu adevarat de stanga, ba chiar iau masuri de dreapta fiind la guvernare”. Acum nu doar pt liberali, chiar si pentru mine, mandru cum sunt de apartenenta la familia social democrata si socialista europeana, ideea unui mariaj cu un partid condus de un fost securist al lui Ceausescu si de un umil activist al UASCR la Cluj este respingatoare; mai ramane sa vina si Ana Pauker si tacamul e complet (si zau ca nu ma refer aici la Monica Macovei, desi similitudinile sunt izbitoare).

– mai penibil a fost Basescu cand i-a reevaluat pe Nastase, Iliescu si chiar Geoana, “oameni seriosi, parteneri de dialog, nu ca Ponta” – uitand brusc vagoanele de laturi aruncate peste cei trei sau dosarele fabricate contra lor! Chiar si hulitul Vanghelie, chintesenta anterioara a tuturor relelor din PSD, cel care dorea sa “aduca crima organizata in Ministerul de Interne” (citat din Basescu si Gabi Oprea) a fost luat rapid in brate de Anastase, UNPR si presa portocalie; parca totusi nu e asa de rau Marean, poate fi reevaluat, si trebuie totusi sa apere cineva si democratia in PSD!

– daca Basescu ar fi doar un bufon am putea rade, fiind insa presedinte e de plans!

– cred ca Basescu, ca orice alt conducator ajuns in functie nu prin merite proprii ci prin demagogie nerusinata, aranjamente ale sistemului, furaciuni, viclenii si tradari, a ajuns sa-si construiasca o realitatea a sa paralela; in acea realitatea Gabi Oprea, Michi Spaga, Becali, Flutur si altii care au trecut alaturi de el au facut-o “sedusi” de capacitatea lui de manipulare, de farmecul si marile idei ale Conducatorului; si daca tehnica a tinut la cei de mai sus trebuie sa incerce si cu altii, poate se prinde! Basescu refuza sa accepte ca respectivii au pus inainte doar interesul, propria lacomie, dorinta de putere cu orice pret, frustrarile personale sau frica de dosare si nu o pretinsa “dragoste” fata de un om pe care il detesta in taina si chiar il dispretuiesc. Si nu accepta ca nu toti oamenii (din fericire) pot fi prostiti, santajati sau cumparati in acelasi mod.

– insistenta strategiei de la Cotroceni in a lansa tot felul de “nade” adversarilor poate mai “musca” cineva nu ma sperie deloc – reflecta doar o totala incapacitate de a gasi alte arme in lupta cu USL, personal cu Crin si cu mine, si asta e foarte bine.

4) DICTATORUL DE TINICHEA – si pentru ca nimic din vechile metode invatate de Basescu la Anvers (pe cand submina sistemul comunist din interior, ca orice securist de bine) nu da roade, apare un nou rol – Dictatorul neinduplecat!

– adica ce conteaza ca poporul voteaza cu USL, chiar peste 50% – Base nu e de acord ca el stie cel mai bine si poporul greseste! Iar Constitutia (cartea pe care punea el totul in 2004) in definitiv e facuta de Iliescu, nu tb respectata.

– iar in frumoasa traditie a lui Voda Lapusneanu ce daca poporul nu ii vrea pe Boc si Elena? Base ii vrea si uite ca o sa ramana daca vrea el!

– ce nu inteleg eu de unde grija asta, pai nu ziceau toti deontologii lui Base ca USL se prabuseste in sondaje, ca nu avem nicio sansa, ca ne bate si Dan Diaconescu? Mint chiar si slugile cele mai apropiate oare – daca e asa e grav; sa le taie barbile si sa-i trimita dupa colegul Avramescu prin Laponia sa aranjeze o vizita oficiala la presedintele Norvegiei si una la regele renilor, ca Obama e ocupat!

– Era si varianta de rezerva cu un guvern PDL-PPDD-UDMR-PRM-UNPR-PNG-PNTCD-PPRT-PIN-PERPV – tocmai o oferisem eu gratis cu tot cu program de guvernare; si nu cred ca rezervele prezidentiale de reevaluare nu-i pot acoperi si pe Gigi si Lavinia, sau Pavelescu. Nu pot fi ei din nou “adevarati oameni dreapta” ca si Base? Ba pot, si atunci, de ce atata agitatie?

– vorbind serios insa, sunt doar doua variante – fie Basescu a luat-o rau razna si se vede un soi de Mubarak al Europei care scoate tancurile in strada sa nu aplice rezultatul alegerilor. Asta ar presupune luarea urgent a unor masuri constitutionale, judiciare si chiar medicale; fie inca o data face pe bufonul, joaca la cacealma pentru armata sa ghiftuita dar speriata si asteapta sa il laude Elena, Roberta si Emil – “bine le-ai zis Sefu, tot tu esti cel mai tare, nu ne lasa din brate, te imploram!”. Dupa care dupa alegeri vine cu caciula in mana sa negocieze sa nu-l suspendam si sa nu cerem ancheta la Ministerul Dezvoltarii si Turismului! Ca atat isi mai doreste si el, saracul!

– eu personal cred in a doua varianta, e prea las Basescu sa dea lovituri de stat (ca si demisia in 5 minute), prea dornic sa mai traga de timp sau sa mai obtina ceva la negocieri; asa ca trebuie sa-l ignoram; nu fara a constata cu un gust amar ca dupa ce a fost un “presedinte conserva” pentru toti oportunistii, lacomii, coruptii, tradatorii, incompetentii si impostorii tarii, la finalul carierei sale politice Basescu se multumeste sa fie un “dictator de tinichea”!